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I neglected this for quite a while and now I'm just getting back to it, so please excuse the two or so old ass cringey artworks.


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I dunno, its a random goal bc I am poor and some people might be willing to give me some points I guess

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Hand Of God
Alright so I love Jon Bellion and I love hello charlotte and so I did this
it took me like 3 days
fuck digital art is hard
but oh well look at it!!! It turned out great!
this was fun
Ene (Collab)
Hey this is the sketch bit I did for a collab with Meme-Satan and yeah haha
looks good in my opinion, I rather liked the turnout so I might fix it up and make it something??? or something idk
so hey here's the third one I did for the gore prompts and so I made the poor death child cough petals, poor kid.
Y'know, I'm just feeling stabby.
Anyways uh yeah this is another one of the gore prompts and I did it similar to the drowning one
So yeah uh the tables have turned, Lancia is the one getting stebbed™ now
Ey look it's Gav
Yeah so I realised I never uploaded any of the matching icons I did for my friends and so I wanted to post the one I used which is of my own OC and yeah uh here it is I shaded for the first time aren't ya proud mum
It was a while before I noticed anything unusual about my tutor. It took me like, a week. Honestly, it was quite stupid of me, but hey, I’ve got tutoring for a reason. Every day when I went to the library, he greeted me the same way, with a small polite smile on his face, nothing ever really seemed off about him at first glance. I started noticing little off things though, how his voice would sound hollow, how he called these tutoring sessions only a “means to spend time”, etc. The thing that really got me though, was when I caught him humming.

It wasn’t intentional, don’t mistake me for someone who would purposefully listen in to other people’s business. I arrived, late, as always, but the library wasn’t just dead quiet as it usually was, no, there was the sound of humming. It was in no way bad, it sounded like it had been practiced, over and over and over, heck, the same part was being repeated, as if he had messed up. But it sounded… off. It didn’t sound right, no matter how in tune, or how melodious, it just wasn’t right. There was no _emotion_ behind it. This got several questions swirling in my head, and I must’ve spaced out a little in between, because before I knew it my train of thought had been broken by Felix asking me to come out, I must’ve made a noise or something.

That bugged me for a few days, it really did. It didn’t feel right to just overlook that detail, but I had no clue what to do with it at all, it was just, there. I had no clue what to do with this tiny little piece of information, I wasn’t even sure if I should even care about it at all, but Felix barely talked about himself, and I wanted to know more about the person who I was seeing every weekday. It wasn’t much, but I was sure it would lead me to something, all I had to do was figure it out.

Spoiler alert though, I’m not a patient person, so I gave up trying to find out by myself. Pathetic, I know, but hey, it’s not like I would get much more to link that tiny little detail to any time soon. I decided confronting him about it would be a good way to go about it, and to my surprise I was right. It actually went surprisingly well, even though it went in a direction I didn’t expect at all. Oh well, you can’t exactly blame me for not knowing.

When I first told him, I was met with an “Oh, so you’ve figured it out. Only a matter of time before you did so.” which, frankly, I didn’t understand. “About my abstraction, I mean.” I hadn’t even gotten to actually ask, he can read me like an open book at this point, which tended to be more helpful than annoying, but not in this case. “What about your abstraction? I don’t get it. You should probably know I’m stupid at this point.” He sighed, maybe for about the fifth time today. “I meant that you’ve basically figured it out through your description of my humming. Emotion, or lack thereof, that’s my abstraction. I mimick it well too, that’s how come most people can’t tell.”

Suddenly, a lot of things made sense, but not at all in the same time. I didn’t push anything though, I didn’t feel like getting a five paragraph essay on the subject, not today. We just continued, same as always, only this time I was slightly disappointed that Felix may never consider me a friend at all.


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I really like the way you color mainly, it pops a lot.
Hope you keep doing what you're doing my good dude ;y
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I for sure will! :D
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aaaaaaa I hope you get something good yo! Be exited about it yeah!
I have HS Tarrot cards, but that's about it other than my shirts haha
and yeye, it'll be fun!
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